For people seeking a complete body workout, we offer Classic Ballet and Modern Dance, Fitness and Cardio Barre, Pilates mat, Yoga classes and more ...

Discover our Dance, Barre & Mat Classes

Classic Ballet

Discover the grace and beauty of ballet with our Beginner Class. This timeless and elegant experience is specially designed for adult learners who want to embark on a journey into the world of ballet. This class focuses on building a fondation in classical ballet technique. Whether you have little to no prior experience in ballet, this class is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the artistry and discipline of ballet while developing strength, flexibility, and poise.

Intermediate/Advanced Masterclass
Take your ballet skills to the next level in our Ballet Intermediate/Advanced Class. Perfect to remember pastime experience or for adults with dance skills, this supportive and challenging class refines technique, builds strength, and explores the artistry of ballet. You will receive personalized guidance and feedback from experienced instructors, allowing you to fine-tune your technique and refine your artistic expression to achieve a higher level of performance in ballet.

Pilates & Barre

Pilates Barre is a hybrid movement class combining ballet exercises at the barre along with a Pilates practice on the mat.

The main focus goes on toning, sculpting body lines, resistance and posture alignment. By intertwining musicality, body awareness and fitness, it unravels the elegance of being an expressive mover on a challenging movement class.

Modern Dance

A dance class meant to introduce you to the basic principles of Graham technique.

We will work on the fundamental elements of this strong modern technique like contraction, release, spirals in order to develop spine mobility and feel it as a source of energy to create movement.

Since this is a class open to everyone we will also incorporate simple exercises of floor work and we will finish the practice with stretching through breathing to progressively open up the joints, raise awareness of your range of motion and connect breathing to physicality which will allow you to enjoy your movement in a more conscious and generous way.

Our Barre & Mats Classes

Yoga Hatha Flow

Feel energized, relaxed and positive. A complete practice of pranayama, breathing techniques and Asanas postures sun salutations and poses held longer with conscious breathing. End with a blissful relaxation.

Dynamic Pilates Mat

Dynamic Pilates takes this a step further. This technique is based on the ‘isolate, fatigue stretch’ principle. This combination of traditional pilates moves in a more intense or dynamic method to build lean, toned muscle.

It is a strong, fitness-based results-driven class that gives a satisfying low-impact Pilates workout incorporating the core principles. It also allows for the flexibility and creativity of the instructor to create flows that challenge your thoughts on what Pilates can be. 

LA Barre

Come and experience with Oriana the ultimate ballet dancer training routine. Pro or beginner, this class is for everyone. You will start with a full body workout that targets all of the muscles required in ballet.
You will then move on to the barre training where with grace and strength you will reinforce the use of your muscles and learn the most important ballet steps.
This immersive practice let's you benefit from all that ballet has to offer: grace, power, strength and elegance


Strech’yin is about slowing down, stretching the deep tissues and getting into a meditative state. We simply remain in still postures without trying to improve our endurance.
At the level of the mind, we must accept all the emotions and sensations that come when we hold the different postures. Most postures are done on the ground and the purpose is total muscle relaxation to stretch the connective tissues. Holding the postures in stillness and for several minutes allows the body to relax very gradually and to stretch the deep tissues.

The relaxation of the deep tissues allows a better circulation of the energies, which detoxifies the body, also bringing a deep relaxation of the body and mind through a great emotional discharge of the mind.

Barre Burn

Come and meet Josh our amazing Barre Burn instructor and embark with him in a fusion of movements at the Barre inspired by Pilates, dance and fitness strength training that are characterized by a continuous and fluid flow of exercises. Participants engage in a series of graceful yet challenging movements that seamlessly transition from one to the next. This flow encourages improved flexibility, balance, and muscle tone while promoting a mind-body connection, leaving participants feeling both energized, centered and on fire !

The Barre Affair by Nathalie 

Nathalie was amazed by the effectiveness of the Lotte Berk Method when she encountered it in London. In 2010, she became certified in Barre from the Lotte Berk Studio, and later earned another certification from Exhale New York.

The classes are designed to leave you lean, toned, and energized, and are suitable for all skill levels. Experience Nathalie's transformative method at the barre!